Moments competition

In a joint effort to nurture the aspirations of budding photographers throughout the region, National Geographic Abu Dhabi and Almarai are proud to present Moments – a photography competition that requires participants from every walk of life to capture and move audiences and judges through a single image based on a chosen theme and inspired moment. As we enter the 7th year of this highly acclaimed competition, we plan to go further. For the first time in this competition, we are introducing two new categories: Photo Documentary and Youth Photography. We hope to inspire the young and the young at heart. Push the boundaries of creativity. And ultimately, evoke a sense of accomplishment as we bring personal, heart-felt stories to life through the power of imagination.

Theme: Celebrations

Humans everywhere weave celebrations into the fabric of their lives and years. We celebrate everything from special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, marriages, graduations, to religious holidays or national holidays, special days like Mother’s Day, to everyday successes such as competitions, sports events, a new job, a good grade or meaningful win. These spontaneous moments or rituals and traditions bind people together in the pursuit of a shared purpose, allowing them to take part in the community and create shared memories that they can relive in years to come.